Is Rahnuma a Follower too?

If Rahnuma is someone we follow, does he follow somebody too?

Follows something or someone?

I wonder if Rahnuma follows principles or people, values or ego, thoughts or feelings?

Whenever I come across a great athelete, sportsman, leader, writer, I want to know who inspires him. Remember asking “who is your favorite personality?” in childhood? We somehow instinctly know that a person is or tends to be whom he/she likes.

LOOK WHO YOU ARE FOLLOWIG. The leader should take you to the destiny of honor, humility, values, satisfaction, peace and prosperity not the world of delusions.


One thought on “Is Rahnuma a Follower too?

  1. I think, We are a rahnuma and a follower at the same time. Someone is rahnuma for us, and someone out there is following us. Just try to leave a good example and a good image of us.

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