Hard to believe

Do you ask me to believe in her piety because she covers her head in such a small age? I won’t because I have seen many girls turn non-Hijabi after marrying/getting job. They would even uncover head in public.

I would be impressed to see a 2 year old attending Jummah prayer yet I won’t expect now onwards that he would be same when he turns 30 since I have seen passion fading away with time.

Because someone earns less today, I won’t underestimate their capability because kings have risen from dust many many times.

And because she makes friends with opposite gender today, I won’t doubt her character because I don’t find it obvious that she cannot be more pious than all some day.

O Allah, let my belief and expectations and hopes lie in You and let me rely only upon You and none else becuse there is only despair in Dunya and Hope only in You. O Allah, Guide me and hold my hand please because I know from the core of my heart that only You can save me from going astray. (Ameen)


One thought on “Hard to believe

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