Tham ay Rah’ro

I actually, personally and physically stepped my very own personal foot in Gawadar a few days back. Yeah, while I was awake. Thanks.

I miss Quetta (thus Baluchistan) since the day we left it in 1991 or 1992 (1992 I guess). The frozen and consequently burst water pipes were a fun for me and panic for my mother. Stepping in Ormara, Gawadar was exciting but could have been more fun if I knew it well ahead of time that our flight was not direct rather via Gawadar. Anyways, Gawadar is still barren and empty. I recently got new glasses yet they could not show me the Dubai in Gawadar we were promised in 1990’s. Will consult my eye specialist soon again.
Ormara, Gawadar

Gawadar, as my mind paints it, was rocky but never barren. It had resources beyond imagination. I imagined black mountains (they were grey) but I also hoped to find a little more population. I did not/ could not find Miyan shahib’s or Mushi sahab’s… Dubai. I do not wish to see a Dubai in Gawadar and wish to see “Gawadar” actually because I do not believe in benchmarking and I do not feel that Dubai is the role model for us (Yeah I actually believe that my opinion counts!) yet I feel we are wasting the resources much more than and for much longer than we can afford.

Can Imran Khan make better decisions on Gawadar?

Should I associate any hopes with Miyan sahib again to improve Gawadar?

Is China a better option or brotherly country USA?

None is my concern. I am happy that my Gawadar is still not polluted as far as I could see (I discussed my eye sight lately). I am happy that it belongs to us and I am sad that we have upgraded it almost not an inch.

Live long Gawadar, I like my Pakistan very much. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Tham ay Rah’ro

  1. Seriously??? where is gawader port & all the greenry and jobs for locals?? i saw a picture of gawader and it did look like Dubai (not exactly middle eastern dubai) intead pakistan ka dubai?? 😀
    I am losing my faith in nawaz gov’t.. soo sadd

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