Job elimination; a Dilemma in Technology Industry

We, the specie with the invisible crown, are so obsessed with doing what we do that we learn it very late how fast the world is changing. Our response is slowest to the blue water turning brown, deteriorating health, changing technology (not counting the attitude towards  Samsung Galaxies and iPhones), rising educational standards and job extinction that we keep doing things until we are told “No more free water“, “You are fired” and “You need to learn new software, else your job is gone“. I don’t know if it is really too hard to be proactive and guess the consequences well ahead of time or we just pretend not to know that changing is the ultimate option. We seem to be ignorant of the fact that Iqbal knew in 20th century:

And there’s no loitering on that oath,
For hidden in repose lurks death:

They that press on win clear—the late,
The laggard, trampled underfoot

While it is tough on souls to take responsibility of their actions, let’s blame the educational system that does not guide us well how to cope with the needs of time and let us blame the institutions that do not upgrade employees’ skills in time. While anyone can be accused up to any extent, the responsibility of US is ultimate (again, its us not US that is responsible for almost anything!).

Individuals can no doubt foresee the future trends in technology and the jobs that are eliminating with time. I have seen people learning new software in their fifties. While we are interested in the lawn prints of current year alone and pay half for the fabric of last year, why not update our skills too. Why to be contended with less when Allah has given us much more power to do and learn? While not for greed and lust, I wish each one of us recognizes the potential they have and that simply a foresight and unleashing talent would do magic in their lives and they won’t be living a life whose quality diminishes with time. I wish that we all have vision of a Rahnuma.


Kia khayal hay?

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