Fools… since centuries!

They take our electricity, promise that it is safe with them and ONE DAY they will give it back to us. We believe them, vote for them and associate our hopes with them..
We are fool since centuries!
They make us observe vulgarity.Yes make us! We cannot avoid the billboards.. If we can…. we cannot avoid Google ads…. if we can… We cannot help others not to fall for it…. And they say Islam teaches tolerance. We, thus do not agitate and slowly become intoxicated and accustomed to vulgarity..
We are fool since centuries!
We cannot tell our friends from foes. We know that they mock us on our backs, yet we follow their customs, fashions and traditions. We know that a lion should walk like a lion and must not try a cat walk. But, we cannot see beyond what is in our sight.. We cannot imagine what we are not told yet.. And we do not know what is between the lines, because we are fools since centuries and fools do not see, listen, understand and respond since these are the signs of wisdom.
We will vote for Bilawal in the next elections..
We will forget that behind the cultural dressing of Sharifs (or Englishly Sharives), there are ever-slave souls of the West¹..
We will never reward our heroes like MM Alam, Dr. Hamd us Salam and Dr. AQ Khan..
We will keep fighting on sectarian issues without recognizing the core issues..
We will always blame..
We will always forgive treason..
We well believe in what we are told without testifying..
Because we are fools.. since centuries!
1. When I say slaves, please do not mix it with the intellectuals that got education/qualification from the West. It is about those that let go their national and humanitarian interests for the sake of … slavery.

Kia khayal hay?

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