9th Convocation of IIUI: Intriguing Nostalgia

Probably they plan convocations to confer degrees, but what graduates love the most about it is the re-union with old buddies. As graduates pass out, the re-unions are initially warm and regular and become rare with time. In the four years that passed by, BBA ITM 10 started to miss the time spent together fighting over seats in A016 (Now in Marium Block), waiting for buses and the intense pressure over results. We will miss that again. The pleasant re-union of the class, that would remain a dream even afterwards, is really really rewarding. It certainly pleases to see your fellows happy, even after so many years.

It will take time that we will re-unite again, even given promises.

I wish that we all meet at Hoaz e Kosar too. Ameen. (yes me emo!)


One thought on “9th Convocation of IIUI: Intriguing Nostalgia

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