Game-Changer Years

Quick summary of past 10 years 
I became an aunty from api/baji

Alhamdolillah we got education, can’t imagine how I would be feeling this day if my youngers were more educated than I am! (Of course thats gonna happen some day too)

Those beautiful-charactered bajis turned Amma’s, some still unmarried and their fathers/brothers realize not that they are 30+

Looking at Hubby replaced taking permissions from informing Daddy about ventures/trips

Pay replaced pocket money

Carelessness surrendered to respobsibility

Be-adabs became be-naseeb

And those who took leaps … Got ahead of others in the race of life.

In the memory of 2004 🙂


3 thoughts on “Game-Changer Years

  1. some how life ney ”new balance” to dhondna hota hey i guess, as we grow. which were the things you found unreplaceable during this time period?

  2. Concern for future, Emotional dependence, and a Feel that I am not doing enough were the things that didn’t change. Yes, and my dream that I have to make residential colonies for deprived people. What proved not to be replaceable in your life?

  3. Ratta marna changed into understanding & contemplation (this is a big change for ME, others might not agree).
    same as urs, jaib kharch-> pay
    simple baat cheet -> severe eye-contact (esa k tauba, log toktay bhi hen lol, but can’t help) and observing face features
    introversion -> extraversion
    etc etc

    everything seems to change for me. nothing stayed the same except being extremist.

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