Coolest Time in the History?

While you can disapprove my hypothesis, let me first defend my point:

We are living in the coolest and most peaceful time in/of the history!

Internet! Tourism! Hoteling! Shopping!! Yummiest Foods that human hands could cook and Socializing.. What better could a human mind imagine of and human heart desire for, to be happy??

When I say that, of course I do not forget my brothers and sisters in Thar, Syria, Kashmir and Palestine. I do not forget my siblings in Pakistan that are living most un-ideal lives and are deprived of very basic needs for survival like food, clothing and shelter let alone education.

Dear Friends, Siblings and Jawad:

I feel like we are living in the most peaceful time because this is THE time when we are free to practice Islam. Humans never were too independent before to practice their beliefs. As I read about Syyedna Khubab R.A today, as I revised how Syyeda Sumiya R.A. was martyred, and as I imagined today how Syyedna Bilal R.A. was brutally beaten for JUST saying Ahad… I evaluated my problems and situation and found that..

Provided family, finances, education, freedom and health, I am enjoying most peaceful time of the history to practice Islam. Look what we got to do; not to implement Islam in the world, not in Pakistan but JUST on our less-than-6-feet self! (Sorry taller friends, you got a little more to effort for 🙂 )

Dear all, I believe that the facilities we today have were once a dream of even the elite. And I also believe that Allah will surely ask us about these facilities. Do you think your boss will let you go just like that after attending a meeting at Bhoorbun or will he also ask you if you were able to finalize the deal?

My point and plea: We don’t have to lose our jobs for saying prayers today, we won’t  be beaten for attending Jummah prayers, and we don’t need to hide our Islamic books under the shelves. Lets capitalize this time and submit to Allah by exercising the epic practice; by praying Salah and performing even our worldly duties not for the sake of duties but to please Allah.

Competition in [worldly] increase diverts you
Until you visit the graveyards.
No! You are going to know.
Then no! You are going to know.
No! If you only knew with knowledge of certainty…
You will surely see the Hellfire.
Then you will surely see it with the eye of certainty.
Then you will surely be asked that Day about pleasure.

Surah Takathur

O Allah, please destine me to meet my family and friends at Hoz e Kosar from where we will head towards Jannah and O Allah, please save me from nifaaq. Ameen.


One thought on “Coolest Time in the History?

  1. True. There are many distractions but all we need to do is FOCUS and never let go of this “focus”.
    Shukar Alhumdulilah many times.

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