A little more to be a Leader!

It somehow occurred to me that I should find why Nabeel was a good hero but not a good leader. Mohabbat Subho ka sitara hay was second novel that made me cry back in 2003 or 2004. First was Mohammad Bin Qasim by Naseem Hijazi. By then, I was not able to see the character of my leaders beyond aspiration. Fascination didn’t let me imagine past the beauty of heroes and I could not evaluate what my heroes lacked.
Now, what could have made Nabeel my leader in Mohabbat Subho ka Sitara hay?
1) Nabeel did not build an institution that could independently run. The business he ran was successful because of one man show. A leader prepares a successful team. No problem if Nabeel couldn’t trust siblings, other people were there.

Planning his company and managing it such that it could operate well without him could have made Nabeel my leader.
2) It suffices for a hero to be cute alone; the leader on the other hand needs to empower people. He must have empowered his wife and employees and management team. Loving people is not enough. Making them strong is also needed.

Engaging Romaisa into business, even if from home, would have offered Nabeel more chances to be my corporate leader.
3) Nabeel was more of a mystery. A cool hero always has some level of mystery but he had two highly conflicting natures i.e. hiding things and being highly expressive at the same time. He even didn’t tell Romaisa about her rights and property. Aisa kabhi nahi hota!

Setting things straight-er and being a bit more clear, even though it would have followed resistance, would have placed him better in leadership grid.
Nabeel had vision. That makes him out stand other heroes. However, the drama hasn’t yet mentioned that he paid all the bills of Romaisa’s maternity expenditures and that is because the story is a bit changed.Had that been mentioned in drama, it would have taught people why vision is important.

Lets see where the story takes us. Whatever happens, I have no hopes from Waleed and Hassan, the greedy brother and brother in law.


Kia khayal hay?

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