Which Trend Do You Follow?

Are you among the bulk of users searching for Sana Khan, Pakistan Idol and Veena Malik on Google or are you among the minutest minority looking for something educational or productive like a job, a trip to Rakaposhi or admission in a university? It is so heart breaking to find what we as a nation and humanity are using technology for; mere entertainment that even does not last.
I probably misused the term entertainment in the para above. To me, entertainment is even spending time with family gardening and feeding parrots. It is not limited to partying alone.
Reflecting on self (Nation): We feed on conspiracies and grow on gossips. We use Qmobiles and search for iPhones. We find job ads in newspaper and use internet for Facebook. We rate Paul Walker over Nelson Mandela. We are fans of this moment and do not worry about having vision for the future.
So, which trend do you follow? Nelson Mendela or Paul Walker? These are not just two names, these are two ideologies, two domains and two perspectives.


Kia khayal hay?

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