Is there any such thing as balancing Deen and Dunya?

The little knowledge I have of chemistry tells me that for balancing one atom of oxygen there must be two atoms of hydrogen and two things cannot be balanced equally unless they are identical and/or perfect complementary in nature i.e. the deficiency in one is exactly equal to the excess in the other atom.

Deen and Dunya to me have an action-reward relationship. Its like exam and result. While we struggle hard in exams, we do not actually do so to enjoy the examination halls, the books and that we like spending time away from social media and gadgets but because we are hoping to get recognized and rewarded on the result day.

So, can reward and struggle be ‘balanced’? How much time should we give to Deen and How much to Dunya or putting it in the words of Ustad Nouman Wajid Aziz Akhirat main meri nijaat k imkanaat kitne hain? Here are three litmus tests he suggested.

  1. Is ‘it’ for Need or Luxury
  2. After getting done with your worldly matters, how much time do I allocate for Deen?
  3. Do I like being busy in Dunya or seek to get off like a person waiting for his lawsuit to end in the court?

Seeking another job and overdoing not for the fee of children or the rent of the house but for the more beautiful house, a second car, another plot means that the priority is to avail luxury and not just to fulfill the needs.

If we get only four hours of peace after work, sleep and paying bills (that is not a big deal today. Thanks to easy paisa and online billing) and are ready to spend those four hours in physical comfort (TV, Gym, Movies, and Picnics) but not in spiritual and intellectual feeding (Reading, Praying, Learning Deen) that clearly means that Deen is not our priority and that we are not even looking to balance them.

Finally, if the magnet in our hearts is attracted towards Salah and other matters of Deen while busy in the world, that can mean we still worry about it. Else if it doesn’t, we need to reshape our claims that the world keeps us busy. Because being busy is one thing and having a careless heart is another.

Now back to the atom-molecule analogy, can we balance so many atoms of Dunya with a ZERO atom of Deen?



One thought on “Is there any such thing as balancing Deen and Dunya?

  1. I think atheists would probably best answer this question; how they balance thier life with zero atom of any kind of Deen??
    I can’t imagine how i would live or function without Deen, i guess a very unbalanced daily life.
    Every body has a different level of how they balance Deen and Dunia and how much of each DnD they want in their daily lives. I think their is no such hard set rule because everybody’s capacity and capability is not the same. My capacity is “this much” of Deen and “this much” of Dunia and if i achieve “this much” of both, i’ll be happy at the end of day, and it varies for everybody.My “this much” will be different than “this much” of yours. I’ll give my example, there is a constant battle going everyday on how i’ll manage my dunia-related things and how much of time i’ll devote to my Deen (performing Salah, reciting Quran, learning Islam and practicing it etc). Some days Dunia wins leaving me with sad, unhappy and incompetent self. Some days Deen wins and i feel like a winner. For muslims every single tiny good or bad deed counts as a factor of Deen and our belief is we’ll be accounted for it. Again the perfect key is “finding your balance” and in order to do that we have to correct/work on our Intentions.
    I have never experienced zero atom of Deen, i mean kutch na kutch to esa kia ho ga din mein jo Deen sey muta’aliq ho ga. We Muslims are very lucky, for us, Deen is our Dunia and Dunia is our Deen. They are eachothers counter part, i mean if we are living our dunayavi life according to Deen, then they both are same.
    Dunia = Deen (that equal sign is the balance we should try to achieve)

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