Lagging Behind in Education By Choice

I never caught that I was being tricked back in 1990’s. Yes, what I enjoyed as a form of entertainment was basically an educational program. Sesame Street stuck to the children of my age and waking up at 3 pm in summers and watching the Pakistani version Khul ja Sim Sim was a must like we ate ten times a day! Malcolm Gladwell describes how Sesame Street and Blue’s Clues attain this stickiness in The Tipping Point but I here look for other implications of the show.

The world discovered how to use TV for educating children back in 1969 and we started and ended the journey with Meena k Sath in 90’s! How can we follow the trend in music and other entertainment shows and not in education? Is skill the limitation or sponsors are the issue? Or are we blind by choice to the suggestions like using billboards for education  and opening fun-based educational channels?

There are although educational programs running on the government channels, but these, by no chance have the stickiness factor. My sister would rather join an academy rather than seeing how a chemistry practical is performed in a 20th century TV show. Is that too hard to be creative with using Television for education or that education is not our priority at any level.

I know it is easy for most of us to stream/download global content and teach our next generation phonics and alphabets. Yet, there is no parallel of local content. National programs on education will not only understand our arena but also the kids will be able to connect more quickly to the local content. Besides that, it is not to be ignored that this will add to the creativity of our people and offer more jobs. I hope to find more local TV programs on education and to stop crying and start doing it.




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