6 Most Effective Ways of Shying People Away from Deen

Here are some ‘best’, seasoned, practical and most effective tips to shy people away from Deen. You can only apply these if you are already not doing so, and you do want to establish your domination in religion in your circles and tell people that you matter the most.

  1. Claim that you have no firqa and then tell how your firqa is victimized!!

E.g. “The people of my firqa are not getting good jobs”

  1. Tell new-comers that Deen has the highest priority and Taqwa is the standard of evaluation in front of Allah’s eyes, and then value people based on their outfits and accent of English.
  2. Learn Islam and get Islamic education to prove why you are right and not to be a better Muslim/Muslimah.

E.g. “When I said do not backbite, I meant not to talk unusably about people and I mentioned you the bad character of that girl so you just stay safe from her. See, saving you from bad people is my responsibility too according to…..”

  1. Acknowledge the achievements of great scholars without mentioning their names (aik sahib ne bohat achi tafseer likhi, naam nai bataun ga…) and bashing people with their true identities!
  2. Some people finally got motivated and just joined Islamic lecture/course/studies. Tell them they have done nothing yet and whatever they are doing is insufficient.

E.g. Two three hours for Deen is not enough in a day. You must quit your studies/job too!

  1. Telling people they must start praying qaza of last 15 years when they are still in fighting stage for offering Fajr Salah.

I ‘hope’ you’ll do a better job next time you shy a person away from Islam and will make sure he/she never tries again!!


4 thoughts on “6 Most Effective Ways of Shying People Away from Deen

  1. A very good reminder and at the best time when i needed it; a new convert (a month ago) muslim girl at uni asked for help in learning Islam and basic things like Salat & Quran (i realized how much of born-into-Islam muslims takes such things for-granted). Judging others is the worst one can do to shy people away from Deen. Actually my other sister is helping her with salat, not me. 😉 I’ll just take her out to events in the community for converts Insha Allah.

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