How to Find an Online Job?

So, will a Rahnuma tell you how to get an online job too? I guess there is nothing wrong with telling people how to get an online job and work/earn from home. I will try to share my experience and knowledge with you in a very precise manner and to help you work as a freelancer or regular employee. So here are the steps you will need to follow and then some tips:

(Since I am writing this specially for the Pakistani friends, I am mentioning portals that will help locals. )

Step 1:  Make accounts on and Making account includes making a CV/Resume.

Step 2: Search for online jobs. Search online jobs on even Google, and Mustakbil and Rozee share online jobs in different categories like Content writing, SEO, Junior SEO online jobs, Academic Writing jobs, Blogging jobs, Article writing jobs, Web Development, Java Developer etc. (There are more than 30 types of writing jobs alone like essay writing, game writing, press release writing, academic writing etc. There are online IT jobs, teaching jobs, Facebook and social media marketing jobs and many more. Find a job that most interests you.)

Step 3: Apply for the job. Mention expected salary and you may or may not need to tell about current earnings.

Step 4: Mention Experience. It is OK if you do not have a prior work experience. Fresh graduates also make good money on internet.

Step 5: Apply vigorously. My experience tells that if you apply for around 30 jobs, a couple of them will contact you. So, apply with open heart, but wisely.

Step 6: Go Halal. Please do not write for porn sites or related stuff. There are more than sufficient Halal sources of earning over internet. You can even write for hotel rates and places to visit this summer for a tourism company.

Step 7: When called for interview, make sure this is an online job and that employer does not call you in office for interview.

Step 8: During interview, reply honestly (not bluntly) and do ask about working hours, working days in a week and all that concerns you.

Step 9: The employer will most likely ask to write a sample for him/her. Do that whole heartedly. Do not write too many free samples. One is sufficient but two will also work.

Step 10: When got hired, share account details (of course when the employer asks you.)


And now the tips:

Tip 1: Never pay for learning an online job. You will pay one month and next month they’ll tell you that you are still not prepared and then they’ll keep asking you for money and will not teach you completely.

Tip 2: Take small orders initially. After first payment when you are confident that employer is not fake (they mostly aren’t) don’t hesitate getting big orders.

Tip 3: Payment dates vary. It can be first of month, 10th, 15th or 20th of the month. Its OK as long as the payment is not delayed past three days of being due. Do not continue to work if payment of two months is due!

Tip 4: Go Halal. Learn, Explore. Earning over internet is just like using a new cell phone. You’ll get used to it soon in sha Allah.

Tip 5: Its a request. Please do not go for captcha entry. They pay you disgustingly low and there is nothing intellectual, productive in doing so.


May Allah put barakah in your earnings.



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