Apologies Dr. Afia for writing this to you

My Dear elder sister Dr. Afia

I will add Rahmatullah ilae after your name when you die (if I am alive by then). Dear sister, I have cried for you once, but I don’t any more; I now cry for the people you call (ed).

Dear Sister, you said you waited for your Muhammad Bin Qasim. I am sorry to inform remind that he was himself martyred by thekedar jiyalas of this Ummah.

Dear Afia did you seriously say, “I am sister of 1/5 world’s Muslim population”. I did not get your point since there is no such thing practically as Muslim Ummah today. I’ve heard same from Allama Iqbal but haven’t understood what you two mean because, in my life, I’ve seen Sunnis and Shias and Barelvis and Deobandis and Salafis. So, who’s sister are you because my brothers do not respond until called in the name of sect! They we have left the discussion on Islam for the Day of Judgment!!

It is surprising to find you mentioning Syedna Umer R.A. How can you refer a Man of such stature and character to people that even sell their mothers and daughters for paper that buys them pleasure of not even a few days?

You are right in saying that millions of Muslim soldiers and their guns are of no use to you. Yes because we are busy creating our enemies and then fighting them.

Dear Sister Afia:

I do not know if I’ll be able to make it to Jannah or not. But, if I do in sha Allah, you’ll be among those I have always desired heartedly to meet up there. May you and us keep believing in Allah and His help and may we see sun rising on Ummah whose unity is a metaphor, again.



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