To the Media of Pakistan

I hope following passage prom the book The Tipping Point of Malcolm Gladwell will let the Media of Pakistan know that excessive reporting on bloodshed, rape cases, man-eating, child abuse and divorces leads only to more of such ill-deeds and rarely does any good.

The central observation of those who study suicide is that, in some places and under some circumstances, the act of one person taking his or her own life can be contagious.


He began by making a list of all the stories about suicide that ran on the front page of the country’s most prominent newspapers in the twenty-year stretch between the end of the 1940s and the end of the 1960s. Then he matched them up with suicide statistics from the same period. He wanted to know whether there was any relationship between the two. Sure enough, there was. Immediately after stories about suicides appeared, suicides in the area served by the newspaper jumped. In the case of national stories, the rate jumped nationally. (Marilyn Monroe’s death was followed by a temporary 12 percent increase in the national suicide rate.) Then Phillips repeated his experiment with traffic accidents. He took front-page suicide stories from the Los Angeles Times and the San Francisco Chronicle and matched them up with traffic fatalities from the state of California. He found the same pattern. On the day after a highly publicized suicide, the number of fatalities from traffic accidents was, on average, 5.9 percent higher than expected. Two days after a suicide story, traffic deaths rose 4.1 percent. Three days after, they rose 3.1 percent, and four days after, they rose 8.1 percent. (After ten days, the traffic fatality rate was hack to normal.) Phillips concluded that one of the ways in which people commit suicide is by deliberately crashing their cars, and that these people were just as susceptible to the contagious effects of a highly publicized suicide as were people killing themselves by more conventional means.

So, Geo News, Express and Family, will you continue ‘teaching’ how a bomb is made and how criminals commit rapes everyday??


Kia khayal hay?

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