Creating Contagious Messages: The Tipping Point

The Tipping Point starts with a yawn-full beginning, yet it is not symbol of boredom at all. Yawning is contagious and the book proves that to the reader; compelling enough to believe that the book will offer some workable solutions. The book is about small things that matter, just like the match stick on the cover page.

I am not a book reviewer, yet I want to review this one. Falling short of words, I have summarized the findings in two slides. One offers the Rules of Epidemics and the other investigates how rumors are created or how the rumors differ from factual contagious messages. Here you go..

Rules of Epidemic, The Tipping Point

A very interesting example (the book offers plenty of interesting examples since it is biography of an idea) about the power of context in the book suggests how just telling “You need to hurry” changes the environment and turns a seminarian into unfeeling person who does not care that he is rushing over a needy person; helping whom is the heart of his mission.

Rumors, The Tipping Point



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