5 Emerging Trends in Pakistani Dramas

This post is about dramas aired in Pakistan and not necessarily those produced and directed here. I do believe that Pakistani dramas are world class and are effective source of learning and spreading awareness in society. Yet, there have been some recent trends that I found negative. Here is my observation about what message the Pakistani dramas are giving to public. Please share your findings as well.

  1. A girl/lady/woman has more chances of getting hired for her cuteness than for her intellect. e.g. Mohabbat Subha ka Sitara hay
  2. On getting divorce/seperation, a women finds a whole world of professional opportunities open for her. e.g. Dil e Muztar ( Although I like the drama but the success of Sila was exaggerated I believe)
  3. It is OK (in fact cute)  to have an affair with a guy even though you are married to someone else (Astaghfirullah). e.g. Majority of Turkish dramas)
  4. Flirt guys prove better husbands (a loud laugh for this one :p) e.g. Zindagi Gulzar hay, Mohabbat Subha ka Sitara hay.
  5. The cool-er you play in college/university the better you will perform in exams.

I do not watch too many dramas but like a daig of rice can be tested by testing a few grains, the Pakistani drama industry can be evaluated by randomly switching channels someday during your tea time. I do not know names of dramas that I get to see when I randomly get time to watch TV.

If a drama you know falls in any of these trend-categories, please share.

I often wonder why serious dramas like Durr e Shahwar and Rihai didn’t breakthrough? Our viewer taste may be!


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