Newbie Leaders

In your early twenties and just realized that you got leadership skills and don’t know what to do with them? There are some mistakes that I observed and did that newbie leaders make when they get admissions in universities and/or start socializing in gatherings where they come across people from all ages and backgrounds. We They also make these mistakes consequently while at work. Let’s try to become leaders rather than pretending to be ones. And remember, these tips are not substitute to 7 habits of highly effective people and the things you learnt in leadership books. These are just addition to that; mistakes that we make while implementing theory.

  1. Observe people context: Not every body needs to be told about gadgets, fashion, education. For example: A peon will like discussing his ill kid rather than new technology, Mother will like talks on house issues and your school friend might not be interested in how many miles does it take to reach your university fellow/colleague’s house.
  2. Stop trying to look like a leader: Its more than your dressing and the way you talk.
  3. Do not pretend that you know everything: Don’t either look like a fool. Be real in situations testing your knowledge.
  4. Do not underestimate silence and followership: It won’t hurt your leader-ly look if you keep quite for a while. Listening to others is not anti-leadership.
  5. Do not compare: Comparison means competition: You need to avoid it if you want cooperation and want to go far and fast.

Fact file: The world will survive even without ya. It did before. Maintain Humility; you’ll win hearts.

Newbie Leader Guidelines

Infographic made using Pictochart. Thanks 🙂


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