Rahnumah: A Personality with Beautiful Contrasts

Ken Blanchard says that a good manager is Tough and Nice (not nice and tough!). By tough, I get he means somebody strict.. and at times rude. Yes, a good manager is tough as well as nice. Jim Collins discusses two other seemingly contrasting traits of a leader that are Will and Humility. Professionally, a great (not just good) manager or leader has a powerful will, but personally he is humble. Here are his words explained through an exhibit.

Level 5 Leadership

Remember Syedna Mohammad S.A.W. was so humble that he didn’t accept food for himself alone when offered during Ghazwa e Ahzaab and denied taking personal revenge during toughest day of his life at Taif? Yet, he S.A.W. did not let go the multiple time oath breakers of Banu Quraiza. THAT is what they call a leader’s personality with beautiful contrasts.


Kia khayal hay?

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