When you say ‘We’, my heart goes…

Still in the trance of word you uttered; ‘WE’!


She was not born in U.S.A. She was made in Pakistan. But, only a few months were enough to raise her. “YOU guys have nothing to do but believe in conspiracies”, “YOUR Army is …..”, “YOUR people commit…”




Nothing repels me more than anti-Pakistan (and anti-Islamic) tone. Yes, not even anti-Pakistan words and books and volumes. How can you separate yourself from us. I will not argue with you because there is nothing that we share if we do not share Pakistan.

Apki to tareekh gawah hay…

Ap ne to apnay mohsino ko ni chora…


You said:

“While it is always dangerous to stereotype, I can only come to one conclusion: many men in Pakistan don’t value their women, their daughters or any females. We are, in these men’s eyes, lesser beings.”

I do not believe in stereotyping either and I do believe that women have equal, or probably more chances of exploiting other women’s rights. And I feel that no words can create a bond between victims and condemners better than WE or US!


Kia khayal hay?

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