Fighting your own wars

It takes isolation from the world and escape from the echoes telling you what is best for you to think and strategize how to fight your wars. People from their own worlds opening windows into yours do not actually know how does it feel being here. All the guesses that people may make about your life are blind shots in the air, but there’s one thing they are right about; your life is challenging. This challenge is both energizing and energy-draining. People will only tell you that it’s not worth it. Sometimes even your own heart plays you. But then, what is worth?  Idleness? Static life that is gonna kick you forward or backward anyway or satisfaction over what you have got? Life is a fight and not a feast. There is only one way you can turn it into a feat; listen to your heart and evaluate it in your mind. People may only suggest you right or wrong but the result will be yours to suffer or enjoy. Do not over (under) value suggestions. So, these are actually three ways but I did at least make a point.


One thought on “Fighting your own wars

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