On Eating and Vomiting

Will God refill the grains you are extracting from crushed mountains?

Will the balance of earth not be disturbed and ecosystems remain unchanged?

Is it inevitable to change the topography of the earth for your expansion, mining, construction?

Can’t you use unproductive offices on rent rather than making new ones (you certainly don’t use offices 9-to-5 only for work. Why not work shifts be reduced (and qualitatively be improved) to 4 hours each and different companies be allowed to use same offices, sharing resources for work?)

Are you sure you are safe and the cost of production and manufacturing (the earth pays) is under control and justifies the benefits a few people reap?

Don’t you doubt that you do not love and care about the coming generations when you spill factory wastes in running waters and when you extract minerals from earth blindly?

Surely, you are greedy enough O Man that you will try not to leave a grain of sand for future generations to build from because your desires are always unlimited. You know you can’t eat all yet you will eat and vomit because you certainly don’t care about those starving.

Consume what you can afford and absorb.

Depletion of resources

Depletion of resources: A sight near Haripur, Hattar that triggered my thoughts



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