Stories of Two Beautiful Rahnumahs

Do you know how does it feel like at the peak of ignorance?

It feels like you now know everything and almost every other thing is a repetition. Alhamdolillah that my ignorance was challenged by this beautiful and MUST LISTEN lecture by Meray Rahnuma Mufti Ismail Menk. I can claim that out of every word he said, I only knew that there were Ashra Mubashra (Ten Companions of Syedna Muhammad S.A.W blessed with news of destiny in Jannah) and that there was a plague in Syria (Now Jordan) that took the lives of many Sahabah. Everything besides these two was new to me.

Before you move on to listen to this audio lecture in sha Allah, some highlights of the lecture:

Simply love the way Syedna Umer R.A. rose his neck to be seen and categorized as the most trust worthy 🙂

How Meray Rahnuma Abu Ubaidah bin Jarrah R.A. followed Sunnah and gave his life during plague.

Noor un ala Noor; Son of a father who believed in Muhammad S.A.W even before he was born/entitled with nabuwwah.

A nice reminder of what should be our response to rumor about a Muslim/man of character.

Here is the link to the lecture – a great piece of learning for me and a reminder that I have to soon accomplish the pending task of learning about Seerah of Sahabah and Sahabiyat. In sha Allah.

Names of Ashra Mubashra

Names of Ashra Mubashra


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