Chapter 10: The Waning Dusk (series)

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I don’t know about you, but I want to go go back in time every time I read about the battles in seerah. Maybe it’s the companions’ undying support, martyrdom, glad-tidings or pretty much everything that gets me high reading about Badar, Uhud, Battle of the Trench…

I also wonder if I would’ve accepted Islam had I been born in that era or made sacrifices in the same magnitude the companions of the Prophet (pbuh) did. A few days ago in a session with a scholar, the scholar put forth a question: “Will you be willing to give 50% of what you own to an Islamic cause?” I couldn’t even pretend to say yes to that. Immediate response: I cringed. Responses that followed: “I’m saving for a Mac!” and “I’ll have to start from scratch… again.” The scenario wasn’t even real and yet, I had to entertain my own luxuries before the greater good. And…

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