Wish to have said Labbaik Ya Falasteen!

Such a hard time sleeping this night full of load-shedding after having seen you calling us. I have realized that my nights were from heaven because now I know they are million times better than the bomb-shedding nights of yours.

Dear brothers and sisters in Gaza!

I might not be able to face you on the day of judgement because you have put such a big responsibility on our shoulders. I wish you hadn’t called us along with the leaders of Jannah – Syedna Umer R.A. and Salahuddin Ayyubi. And I might also not be able to show face to Allah who gave Pakistan such a status that His people are looking at us for help! O Allah! Please do not take my soul until our brothers and sisters in Gaza forgive us for not being able to stop the oppressor.

Dear brothers and sisters in Gaza:

I thought I have many blames to put on our Army but probably this one can be categorized as unfair. I believe if Jinnah had sent troops to Indonesia even before the creation of Pakistan, he would have certainly done the same after becoming sole Islamic Nuclear Power. Our Army is your Army O Gaza, waiting just for the orders from the demon-crats we chose a year ago.

We will never stop our husbands leave us widows as they fight and die for you.

We will never stop our brothers from risking all their coming Eids just to make sure you are safe.

Our men in uniform will never fail you if and only if sent your ways by the rulers of the country.

I do not claim that our leaders feel your pain, but I am sure, my brother(s) in uniform will not sleep tonight as they joined Armed Forces to help Kashmir and Palestine alone!!



3 thoughts on “Wish to have said Labbaik Ya Falasteen!

  1. My greatest wish is to at least once go see Dome of the Rock, but with almost none support from the Muslim world for Falasteen,i might have to give up my wish! Infact all the ahle-Falasteen might have to give up their country, i guess they can’t even do that because Misr has closed their border gates for them as well. such a days full sadness!

    • We feel control and power over all the things we do and every decision we make in our lives. But it is these times that we realize power is a myth and we are chained, helpless creatures.

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