Followers are Imanah too

Meray Rahnumah!

Your followers are imanah too. You cannot ask them for civil disobedience, you cannot have them waiting for too long. You cannot ask them to bear pain in the name of #Change when what you really seek is to become Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Meray Rahnumah!

I found that Jamat e Islami gathered more people in Karachi for Gazans than could you for Naya Pakistan. People are willing to come to streets but its up to you to maintain their trust. People trusted you once and poured out Tsunami in the streets of Lahore when you called them. They have shown up again and again in Karachi and Islamabad but you have been considering it as if you deserve to be followed. NO, Mr. Khan. These people have trusted you not so that you start dreaming of PrimeMinister-ship BUT because they found hope in you. My people and your followers (probably not for too long now) abandoned their tough routines to seek change in system and not mere change of faces and change of those making claims.

I am so sad for my friends that are still too excited for you and I wish you haven’t broken their hearts.

My people need heroes, and I wish people like you stop making fool of them now.



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