In the Job Market

Are we doing enough for being competitive to keep up with the changing world? Every time we learn a new skill, take another class, join another certification, travel another thousand miles in a week withing our own city; we are losing the joy that a cup of tea offers in the balcony. To earn another 100 bucks, we are missing the pleasure of sitting with family at post-Asar tea time. Billboards entertain us and not even in a thousand years we have chance to remember in this busy schedule how beautiful farms look in outskirts of cities; farms and fields that used to refresh our souls in childhood.

Our world is being busier, more competitive and less happier. I remember Ashfaq Ahmed who once said, “Baba ji asks us to do lil things for spiritual growth. He asks us to peal off peas.”


Long time since I pealed off peas in peace. I don’t even remember who does the job now at home! Flowers I still love but do not have the time to grow them. I find them only in the lawn suits. Changing seasons always take me to a special state where I imagine living a life of ideal schedule.

4:30 A.M: Morning starts with a shower and Salah

5:00 A.M: Quran Time

6:00 A.M. Water kitechengarden and set for making Nashta

7:30 A.M. Start working as in job (reach university and start teaching)

2:30 P.M. Back to Home. Salah Time. Made chapatis and had lunch (Yeah, traffic didn’t bother me on the way and I reached in  minutes 😉 )

3:30 P.M. Nap

4:00 P.M. Lemonade. Salah. Chae. Discussions. Chit Chat

5:30 P.M. Playing table tennis, badminton

6:30 P.M. Maghrib followed by preparations for dinner

8:00 P.M. Dinner

9:00 P.M. Assignments, Reviews, prep for coming day.

10:00 P.M. Esha. Walk

11:00 P.M. Home. Sleep

 Until then, lets keep stuck in living not in LIFE 🙂


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