Do Not Let Probability Fool Ya

If there are four people that will get admission out of five and I am not selected, what should I do with the “high probability”? Put it for sale may be!

If one out of hundreds is selected and that is me, does it really matter that the probability was low?? 

Probability is the most foolish thing I have ever known (yes, I got C in the only Statistics course I studied). High probability of entering Jannah based on your rituals must not make you overconfident that a plot/villa is reserved for you there. High probability that she likes you doesn’t mean she is yours already! High probability is a bluff; don’t fall for it until you get what you had ‘high/low’ probability of getting.

Do Not Let High Probability Fool Ya

September 17:

Four days after writing this post, I was studying a course: Probability. Subhan Allah.


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