Are you listening?

I had a story to tell but, nobody was there to listen. Surrounded by Comparative Analysts, people are willing to tell me how better or worse (mostly worse) I am than others and how abundant or scarce (mostly abundant) resources I have. Yeah, Kinda motivation to make me “DO MORE”. 

Talking out, you seek a listener and not analysts; you do not need advisers and commentators and motivators. Patient ears and heart… all that makes one a good listener. I don’t know if I am myself a good listener, I’ll check myself next time someone is telling a story, their story, whether I am an unnecessary motivator and adviser or not but for now, I gotta say, please… try to figure it out when is someone in need of motivation, comparisons and advises. And when they are not… and mostly they are not…. please just listen… or… make a way to quit listening. It would be far better than telling them that they being apples are luckier, better than all the sugar-canes, turtles and rocks and stones around. 

P.S. I am listening!



3 thoughts on “Are you listening?

  1. I am a good listener but not good at talking to people. Sometimes i don’t know how to even respond after listening. I guess the art of conservation is to ”know” when to listen, when to speak, when to motivate, or be an analyst :p or when to advise or comment. Whoever masters this art, usey kahien gey sab ka dil jeet lenay wala 😀

  2. it’s hard to listen only and not make a comment…and 99% of the time your comment will be an analysis of some kind 😦
    But the thing is, we never end up actually telling someone to just listen, I think if we started doing that then maybe, just maybe someone would just listen instead of giving advice or commenting.

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