Hurt, Bruise, Kill, Expand, Apologize.. Repeat!

The announcement of ceasefire by Israel did not come without a fear inside me that they are going to repeat their history. Yes; Find (or more appropriately design) excuses of being attacked, ‘defend’, damage Palestinian property, kill innocent souls, swipe population of an area and expand. Oh yes, and warn People of Palestine not to do the same again. 

Dear intellectuals of my country have told me that it was always Hamas that initiated the war. I am still not able to digest why would someone wage a war that it has always lost. I do not understand why would someone kill your three kids to get their hundreds killed and to lose their land as well.

I mean, when BB died, we doubted the party that benefited the most from her death. Yeah the guy who scarred the not-so-scar-less presidential history of Pakistan. Here, in the case of Gaza under Attack, how come there are still some people that believe Israel did not plant this itself.

Gaza Sufferings

Gaza Sufferings

P.S. I am happy for these kids returning to school. I am confident that Malala is happy for them too, though I didn’t hear a word from her!


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