Trust me baby!

MisTrustoona Syndrome recently diagnosed. I am seeking cure for that since it is not nice to be suspecting people we should be trusting on the other hand. Please suggest some totka as in how I should develop trust on those who..

  • Hate/condemn beheading but love drone attacks
  • Speak for rights of ‘marginalized segments’ of population but love turning majority Palestinians into minority in their own land
  • Speak for gender equality but treat woman as a background decoration for video games
  • Find cure for rarest medical ailments but let vast majority of poor die of hunger
  • Fight terrorists in one region and supply them weapons in the other
  • Hate Muslims for their belief but love them for their oil
  • Can catch Saddam from beneath earth but cannot catch those threatening since long to hurt Malala

I would be grateful if you could suggest something other than behissi that can help me trust those AIDing US.

Thanks in advance.



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