Farz karo hum ehl-e-wafa hun!

We are offered this holiday to take a day off our busy schedules to tell the world (and ourselves) that our independence is not complete without seeing you free. I wish we had rather worked this Solidarity day and dedicated all the national earnings of 5th February to sponsoring higher education of Pakistani students from the other side of line of control.


I believe that your struggle has prolonged not because of enemy’s strength alone but you will be just in complaining that our cowardice is to be blamed alike. We are far far less enthusiastic about your struggle for independence in 2015 than we used to be in the 90’s. We feel like there are bigger tasks on hand, especially those we cultivated in-house. I agree that oppression is oppression and hate-able + condemnable whether against Shia or Hazara or a Kashmiri but I apologize that our voices are louder for killings in Pakistan and we go hysterical upon the news of killings in our neighborhood but when your child is killed, we even don’t get the news!! We the free Pakistanis have nationalized and politicized and religionized even humanity!!

We are forgetting your legends we heard in 1990’s given our limited memory. Unlike what we saw in Laag and Angaar wadi serials, we now believe that immoral love affairs in Turkey are more worth our time than the news that your beautiful women are turning widow every day!! (Life is already sad and we like to spend it in useless fantasies than useful pains.)

Kashmir’s water runs in our veins but we think it is enough to spend a holiday in your name, sleep in peace and tell the world that we are with you. I know we’ll be able to tell the world that, and to issue a well-written and well-rehearsed challenging statement to India (which we’ll nullify later to look forward for trade contracts). But, I know, this generation will have a heavier burden on their hearts and shoulders. I remember there was a time when Pakistani soldiers would never watch Indian movies because we were at war with them for you but now we hate them only in cricket matches. We have a burden not only of not supporting and actually knowing your cause but also of losing the heritage that Kashmiri martyrs passed on to us.

May we be able to support you again, if not through battle than on media at least.

Duas with a heavy heart because what you are going through today occurred to our grandparents once and who knows how time changes!


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