Writing about the ones you love is never an easy task I guess specially when the loved ones are highly respectable as well.

I could never convince myself to right about those whom I love and follow, but at the same time could not stop thinking of writing about them too. I feel my words need more tweaking than ever before, but I also feel that this is the right time to start.

Meray Rahnuma is the humblest effort to share the picture I have of leadership in my mind. Meray means Mine in urdu and Rahnuma means Leader, Guide. In the ‘absolute leaderless’ time of history, every Pakistani is waiting again for a Muhammad bin Qasim and a Tariq bin Ziyad. Meray Rahnuma is dream of a girl about The Perfect Leader. She dreams of one who does not beg for votes nor does he demand to be selected.

Meray Rahnuma Syedna Muhammad S.A.W said:

“Do not ask for rulership, for if you are given it as a result of asking, you will be left to deal with it yourself, but if you are given it without asking, you will be helped in undertaking it.”



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