Rahnuma was Humble

I don’t know how my Rahnuma managed to be so humble. Have read that he was stoned and injured badly by the notorious boys of Taif Tribe. I have to struggle hard to imagine myself showing such a patience and humility. That is probably also the reason why me and my peers can’t reach the dust of Rahnuma’s leadership.
Why is humbleness a great leadership trait?

Does humility decrease gaps among people?
Are people internally attracted towards humility?
Do we feel insecure facing a boasty person?
Does someones’ humble behavior wake the sensitive person inside us?

Whatever the reason is, I just want to be for a few moments with my Rahnuma in the Taif and learn humility despite the mountains of power I am given, Like meray Rahnuma!


Kia khayal hay?

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